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Do It Yourself Legal Forms; All 50 States

Descriptions of Kits

Legal Self Help Kits

MARITAL KIT - This includes three Kits: Premarital Agreement, used by a couple planning to get married; Postnuptial Agreement, used by a couple already married; and Nonmarital Agreement, used by a couple living together but not planning to marry by common-law marriage. These three Kits identify rights and properties of each party. How to order the Marital Kit

NAME CHANGE ­ This Kit can be used by adult or child with complete instructions and all forms necessary. How to order the Name Change Kit

WILL ­ Purpose of Will is to allow individual to decide deceased's property and who serves guardian of deceased's children. Without a Will, the State makes these decisions. Contents of Will-Terminology, Instructions in Preparation, all Legal Forms required by law. Will Kit applies to all 50 States; one does not need to change this Will because of move to another State. Change of Will: Kit allows Will to be changed anytime at request of Maker. How to order the Will Kit

LIVING TRUST ­ Purpose is to eliminate legal expense, time and procedure of probating an estate by establishing a Trust, Contents: Terminology; Instructions; All Legal Forms; Checklist included to verify completion of Living Trust. Kit allows different conditions of Trust according to wishes of Maker. How to order the Living Trust Kit

LIVING WILL ­ Purpose is to protect one's estate from cost of life support system (medical assistance). This means that one can decide in advance if life-sustaining procedure should be used under condition of one unable physically or mentally to make such decisions (example- coma). Contents: Introduction; All Required Forms; and Preparation and Instructions. Additional Features: Gives Medical Power of Attorney (to designated party); Donation of organs (if desired); Revocation of Living Will (allows change of Living Will at Maker's request). How to order the Living Will Kit

ORGAN DONOR PLEDGE ­ In this Kit, one may request certain body parts be donated to specific organizations. If such a pledge is not made, the survivors decide what is to be done with the body. Included is a legal form which is simple and fast to complete in fulfilling organ donor pledge. How to order the Organ Donor Pledge Kit

BUYING/SELLING HOME or REAL ESTATE ­ With a Home being probably the largest single investment, one needs to take legal caution. This Kit includes terms in real estate, background information and six legal forms-Real Estate Listing Agreement, Promissory Note, Warranty Deed, Special Warranty Deed, and Quitclaim Deed. How to order the Buying/Selling Home or Real Estate Kit

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE ­ This Kit explains how the IRS operates in audits, the do's and dont's of a taxpayer, how a taxpayer can avoid audits, how a taxpayer can prepare for: audits; repetitive audits; audit appeal; appeal to the Courts; protest letter; collection of unpaid taxes; tax lien; tax levy; and sources for free information of IRS rules. How to order the IRS Kit

AUCTIONS/SALES ­ This Kit is information which allows you to buy thousands of different items at substantial savings. Includes private and government sources. Includes "Hows, Who, Where and Know How" to buying. Kit includes: Office addresses; Toll-Free Numbers (to call and ask); Unclaimed Money (how to profit); and More. Homes, cars, VCR's, jewelry, land, office and construction equipment and MORE. Everything from Bull Dozers to Paper Clips. How to order the Auctions/Sales Kit

LOTTERY/LOTTO - GAMING KIT ­ (Both combined in One Kit). The Lottery-Lotto part is a compact and comprehensive Kit which contains: Secrets to Win Jackpot$; How to form a Lottery Club; Agreement for Lottery Club members; Use of Computer Wheel; Hot Numbers and Overdue Numbers; Analysis Chart; Nationwide State Directory; Software references; Trusts Forms; IRS and State Taxes on Wins; Charts & Diagrams create Win Tickets. A must for Lottery/Lotto Powerball winners.How to order the Lottery/Lotto ­ Gaming Kit

GAMING KIT ­ How to play (and how not to play) Blackjack, Baccarat, Chemin de Fer, Poker (five, seven, lowball, highball), Gin Rummy, Card Cheating, Mechanical Games, Slots, Keno. Charts and diagrams, odds against win for various games. Secrets to winning. International Directory of Casinos and what each offers. See above for ordering the Gaming Kit

"HOW TO" MAKE MONEY ­ Includes Home Businesses, Jobs, Auctions, Grants Contests, Sales and More. How To Get Started; Who & Where To Get Help; References; Step-by-Step Approach-Fast, Easy & Simple. Contents of this Kit on PC 3 1/2" disk with over 400 pages and 14 Different "How To" Make Money. How to order the "How To" Make Money Kit

WEBMARKET ­ Because you are on the Web does not mean being exposed to the main web traffic. WEBMARKET is a tool you use to increase Website traffic. WEBMARKET aims at search engines, directories and keywords to increase web traffic. What you get in WEBMARKET: A condensed manual of the operation and the nature of Website traffic; Fast, Easy and Simple directions to follow in using WEBMARKET; Listings of Search Engines and Directories aimed at 70 to 90% of Web traffic; and Completed Samples as illustrations. How to order the Webmarket Kit

CREDIT REPAIR KIT ­ How to deal with debts; negotiate with creditors; obtain good credit; government offices for help; avoid credit clinics and their $250 fee; avoid future financial problems; prepared forms to help your credit. How to order the Credit Repair Kit

CIVIL SERVICE JOBS ­ How to get a job at Federal, State, Municipal level. Includes: Job Descriptions; Eligibility Requirements; Job Application; Exam (Preparation) Questions; Where to Get Help; & MORE. U.S. Postal Service jobs (included) along with high paying jobs with fringe benefits. How to order the Civil Service Jobs Kit